Spill the Disabili-Tea™ Workshop Feedback

“This is a VERY valuable topic. I went in not knowing what or who to expect and Alex superseded any and all expectations. He is a most unique individual and has a profound eloquence which helps bring us all closer together.”

“While listening to you speak I was thinking about how my family (nuclear and otherwise) could benefit from this discussion. I so appreciate the safe space and quick intro to micro aggressions. thank you !”

“Alex did a great job bringing light into a subject sometimes overlooked. He asked thought provoking question and had great resources which our group was then able to bring into our residential areas.”

“Alex used humor and lots of examples to make the content understandable and approachable to people with a wide range of experience/knowledge levels.”

Glamputee in the press…

Superfest Press

“Representing disability is obviously complicated and complex, but if Hollywood is looking for fresh, novel stories to tell, disability is a gold mine of untouched treasures if treated properly. It’s unexplored territory, essentially and in the age of intersectionality, I know there are countless people out there that would rather see a movie about a queer, woman of color with a disability living life than trudge through another film about a cisgender, heterosexual, able bodied, white male meandering his way through a midlife crisis. Being privileged is hard and full of ennui, we get it. Time to move on.” Alex, in Celebrating Disability Culture: Interview with #Superfest2016 Judges on the Disability Visibility Project blog

“I think those in the know are aware that some pockets of the gay community have a dark side for perpetuating non-inclusive, narrow presentations of the ideal body and I have spent considerable effort trying to unlearn/ignore that messaging. It’s my hope that someday that gay culture continues the current trend of raising up voices from all aspects of the spectrum so that everyone feels welcome and that the marginalized don’t perpetuate the marginalization of others.” Alex’s contribution to Wear Your Voice mag discussing Superfest, intesectionality, and representations of marginalized identities in the media

The Awesome Foundation

Spill the Disabili-Tea™ is the August 2018 Grant Recipient from the Awesome Foundation - read more here.

"This grant award represents an opportunity for me to take the passion and skills I’ve developed for disability justice in the Bay Area and share it with a new community of people eager to join in the movement. I admire the mission of the Plus Bus and am humbled to facilitate a workshop showcasing the relevance of disability justice in that community’s culture of body positivity and fat activism. I am also thrilled to have the means to create paid work for other marginalized peers in my network and compensate them adequately, using this capital to address inequities in work opportunities for marginalized people."