Spill the Disabili-Tea™ Workshop Feedback

“This is a VERY valuable topic. I went in not knowing what or who to expect and Alex superseded any and all expectations. He is a most unique individual and has a profound eloquence which helps bring us all closer together.”

“While listening to you speak I was thinking about how my family (nuclear and otherwise) could benefit from this discussion. I so appreciate the safe space and quick intro to micro aggressions. thank you !”

“Alex did a great job bringing light into a subject sometimes overlooked. He asked thought provoking question and had great resources which our group was then able to bring into our residential areas.”

“Alex used humor and lots of examples to make the content understandable and approachable to people with a wide range of experience/knowledge levels.”

“We out here, y’all!”


Mansplain Yourself: (Episode 4: Alex “Glamputee” Locust) “In this episode, guest Alex Locust comes in and we talk about how being disabled and queer and from a small town impacted his identity and the work he does around advocacy for people who are disabled.”

She’s All Fat: (Season 4, Episode 4: Spilling the “Disabili-Tea”) “This week we’ll discuss gaslighting yourself, the intersection of disability justice and fat activism, plus we’ll spill the disabiliTEA and Alex Locust @glamputee will be answering a question with Sophie.”

Gaudy Positive: (Ep. 108: Danielle Perez and Alex Locust on Gaudy Disability) “Heyo Gaudzillas, we are back with an amazing episode! We brought our friends Danielle Perez (a very funny comedian) and Alex Locust (a very funny activist) to talk about Gaudy Positivity and disability visibility (say that five times fast). Where else can you talk about making a differences through accessibility and crystal thievery all in the same podcast?! Right HERE! Follow these magicians at @glamputee (Alex) and @divadelux (Danielle). Stay Gaudy as always.”

What Origin: (Episode 9: Glamputee (Alex Locust)) Alex Locust talks about living with as an amputee and creative ways to empower and have fun with the disability community. Alex Locust is creator of Spill the Disabili-Tea a vibrant, fun and interactive experience for the disabled and advocates. It puts a twist on the common medical model by focusing on humor, and a colorful space to make living with a disability more about community and connection rather than a clinical and dry experience.

Pushing Limits: (Superfest, “Terminal Device,” Living with Amputation) We talk with Ross Turnbull, the creator of the movie Terminal Device, an autobiographical essay and an inquiry into cinematic representation. Refracted through pop cultural images, the director tells his story as a man with a hook watching movie images of others with this particular prosthesis. He’s in the studio with Alex Locust, also an amputee and one of the organizers of Superfest, the bay area’s premier disability film fest.

KALW - Your Call (Your Call: Superfest, the world's longest running disability film festival) “On the October 19th edition of Your Call, we’ll speak with organizers and directors with Superfest, the world’s longest-running disability film festival. From a deaf superhero to a precocious young blind woman chasing love and freedom, this year’s festival is full of stories about fascinating people from around the world. How is disability a creative force in cinema and culture? Send your questions and comments to and join us live at 10am with me, Rose Aguilar and you.”

Demystifying Microaggressions - Workshop headed by Alex Locust at Change Catalyst's Tech Inclusion Conference in San Francisco, CA in October 2018.


“For Santa Skivvies Run 2018, along with 11 of my dearest disabled friends, allies and body positivity role models, I created the first-ever Disabili-Team. As the fundraising results were revealed, it was announced that together, Disabili-Team had raised almost $10,000, making us one of the highest fundraising teams in the history of the event.” Alex, in Carving space and sleighing the competition: Holiday adventures in access and inclusion via Queerty

“Are you teaching classes that include disability figures?” Locust questioned. “It doesn’t need to be a class on disability. People with disabilities are doing shit. It could be a math class, somebody [with a disability] has done something. Include them. Use media with people with disabilities.” Alex in Leaving No One Out in XPRESS MAGAZINE

Total body weight lifting exercise for an adaptive athlete without a prosthesis. ***** Alex Locust (@glamputee) is a Disability Justice advocate and personal trains with Natalie Carey (@barbellblondie). We are sharing exercises that Alex does during his workout sessions, discussing some considerations when training adaptive athletes, and touching on the topic of Inspiration Porn.


“Representing disability is obviously complicated and complex, but if Hollywood is looking for fresh, novel stories to tell, disability is a gold mine of untouched treasures if treated properly. It’s unexplored territory, essentially and in the age of intersectionality, I know there are countless people out there that would rather see a movie about a queer, woman of color with a disability living life than trudge through another film about a cisgender, heterosexual, able bodied, white male meandering his way through a midlife crisis. Being privileged is hard and full of ennui, we get it. Time to move on.” Alex, in Celebrating Disability Culture: Interview with #Superfest2016 Judges on the Disability Visibility Project blog

“I think those in the know are aware that some pockets of the gay community have a dark side for perpetuating non-inclusive, narrow presentations of the ideal body and I have spent considerable effort trying to unlearn/ignore that messaging. It’s my hope that someday that gay culture continues the current trend of raising up voices from all aspects of the spectrum so that everyone feels welcome and that the marginalized don’t perpetuate the marginalization of others.” Alex’s contribution to Wear Your Voice mag discussing Superfest, intesectionality, and representations of marginalized identities in the media

The Awesome Foundation

Spill the Disabili-Tea™ is the August 2018 Grant Recipient from the Awesome Foundation - read more here.

"This grant award represents an opportunity for me to take the passion and skills I’ve developed for disability justice in the Bay Area and share it with a new community of people eager to join in the movement. I admire the mission of the Plus Bus and am humbled to facilitate a workshop showcasing the relevance of disability justice in that community’s culture of body positivity and fat activism. I am also thrilled to have the means to create paid work for other marginalized peers in my network and compensate them adequately, using this capital to address inequities in work opportunities for marginalized people."