Alex Locust



Using my personal experiences, education, and social power to create knowledge, awareness, and space for those who have been left out of the conversation.


Home base

San Francisco, CA


M.S. in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

San Francisco State University


Stonewall Project


Alex Locust is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and proud biracial "glamputee" spreading the word about social justice, one workshop at a time. Whether on the runway or in a counseling session, Alex aspires to embody the tenets of social justice and fiercely advocates for equity in all community spaces.

He graduated from San Francisco State University with an M.S. in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling and earned the Peggy H. Smith Distinguished Graduate Student award as well as Graduate Student of the Year from the National Council on Rehabilitation Education.

Alex is currently working full-time as a Substance Use Counselor in San Francisco. In addition, he facilitates a variety of workshops across the Bay Area. Armed with bombastic charm, whimsical humor, and a sharp wit, Alex synthesizes professional insight with lived experience to create engaging workshops grounded in cultural humility, intersectionality, and fostering empathetic, holistic views of marginalized communities. Alex specializes in work supporting people with disabilities and is passionately committed to raising awareness of the disability justice movement. He hopes to continue facilitating candid dialogues in a broad spectrum of environments in order to empower others to champion disability civil rights as well. 

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“Accessibility and inclusion” are great in theory, but how do we put these concepts into practice? Let’s have candid, intersectional conversations that promote an empathetic understanding of disability and offer strategies to embody disability justice within our work community. By owning our discomforts and celebrating our strengths, we’ll empower each other to elevate our services and work environment to be more accessible to people with disabilities.


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